Aspiration & strategic reviews

Working out what you, the owner, want to achieve from your business is fundamental. Most entrepreneurs think this is straightforward: the maximum valuation on sale, right?

Often that is a big part of it. But it’s not always that simple. Understanding what you want and what your business needs to deliver in order to help you achieve that is essential to setting business goals.

Our corporate finance strategic review process examines – and challenges – every aspect of your business plan and forces you to focus on your long-term objectives.

That’s why, regardless of whether you are looking for new funding, selling a business, or simply appraising your current business or financial position, a strategic review is an essential part of the corporate planning process.

Our reviews, which are tailored to your specific issues or requirements, include:

  • Initial valuation
  • Identification of development opportunities
  • Benefit mapping of development opportunities
  • Funding requirement and optimum funding structure
  • Cashflow projections and working capital planning
  • Access to new markets/clients
  • Key employee incentivisation
  • Identifying weaknesses and taking action to improve those areas

Once we have completed your strategic review, we make specific financial and operational recommendations. Implementing these recommendations turns the review into a robust business plan that enables owners to run the business in the context of that plan and funders to make lending decisions.