Selling your business

A business sale starts with identifying the right buyer. We can help you there. After all, it’s no good simply approaching a small number of competitors.

We can find buyers with the right strategic fit. They may not always be the obvious ones; they may be overseas, or they may be in another sector and have identified your area as one they wish to expand into.

Thanks to our experience in, and knowledge of, these sectors, we know who the premium buyers are. And, of course, we can arrange confidential introductions.

Additionally, we have the experience and expertise to prepare you for selling your business so that you can reap the rewards of your hard work. We know that, by properly preparing your business for sale, the pool of potential buyers expands – thus helping you achieve the true value of your business.

Once we’ve settled between us on the appropriate buyer, our experts will support you all the way through the sales process, from price negotiations, due diligence and legals, right through to completion.